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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Nancy Pelosi Hypocrisy Found - Media Yawns

Nancy Pelosi (D-Nutjob), whom the American people in one of their lessen moments in using their brains made Speaker of the House last November, is showing just what a piece of inane crap she is.

Here's the story: in her rush to move an increase in the minimum wage through the Congress, Ms. Pelosi attached a small insert allowing companies with plants in American Samoa to avoid the rise.

American Samoa? What interest could Pelosi have in American Samoa?

Actually, the plant in American Samoa is owned by a company - with its headquarters right in Pelosi's district.

The media's reaction? Yawn - nothing to see here.

If Newt Gingrich, Tom Delay, or Dennis Hastert had done this, we would see hour long reports on "the Republican culture of corruption."

When Pelosi does it, however, we get a deafening silence.

GOP hits Pelosi's 'hypocrisy' on wage bill

House Republicans yesterday declared "something fishy" about the major tuna company in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's San Francisco district being exempted from the minimum-wage increase that Democrats approved this week.

"I am shocked," said Rep. Eric Cantor, Virginia Republican and his party's chief deputy whip, noting that Mrs. Pelosi campaigned heavily on promises of honest government. "Now we find out that she is exempting hometown companies from minimum wage. This is exactly the hypocrisy and double talk that we have come to expect from the Democrats."

On Wednesday, the House voted to raise the minimum wage from $5.15 to $7.25 per hour.

The bill also extends for the first time the federal minimum wage to the U.S. territory of the Northern Mariana Islands. However, it exempts American Samoa, another Pacific island territory that would become the only U.S. territory not subject to federal minimum-wage laws.

One of the biggest opponents of the federal minimum wage in Samoa is StarKist Tuna, which owns one of the two packing plants that together employ more than 5,000 Samoans, or nearly 75 percent of the island's work force. StarKist's parent company, Del Monte Corp., has headquarters in San Francisco, which is represented by Mrs. Pelosi. The other plant belongs to California-based Chicken of the Sea.

"There's something fishy going on here," said Rep. Patrick T. McHenry, North Carolina Republican.

When some media outlets (Fox News) pointed this out to Pelosi, she denied it was true - then said that StarKist had not lobbied her, and that the exemption would be removed.

Corruption, corruption, corruption. Isn't that what Ms. Pelosi called it when she was in the minority?

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