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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The MSM Sides with Downercrats, Once Again

When Downercrats were in the minority in the US Senate and threatened filibusters on every issue they opposed, the American media called them "brave," and "using a Constitutional method to oppose the Republicans."

Now the Downercrats are in the majority - and guess what? Republicans threaten to use the same filibuster to oppose Downies. So, what does the American media call this? "Arcane," and "frustrat[ing] Democrats on their issues."

Hypocrisy from the MSM. Figures.

Check out these two stories: first, the story on the Republican threatened filibuster:

Bush’s Iraq Plan Meets Opposition From Congress

While Democrats control both houses of Congress, their margin in the Senate is so slender that Republican supporters there can fight back, using their chamber's arcane rules to frustrate Democrats on other issues.

Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the Republican minority leader, hinted in morning television appearances that any legislation expressing disapproval of the president's plan might be blocked by a filibuster, the stalling move that requires 60 votes to overcome, well short of Democratic strength.

Now, let's check out what those same media whores called the filibuster back when Downies used it:

COMPROMISE IN THE SENATE: THE COMPROMISE; Efforts of 2 Respected Elders Pull Senate Back From Brink

Grim showdown in Senate over federal judicial nominees is averted after two of most senior senators, Robert C Byrd and John W Warner, study language of Constitution itself; during two private meetings they parsed language of Alexander Hamilton's Federalist paper No 66 in effort to divine what founding fathers intended when they gave Senate power to advise and consent on nominees; they then drafted three crucial paragraphs that were instrumental in bringing together 14 senators--7 Democrats and 7 Republicans--to do what chamber's leaders could not: draft a compromise; movement toward deal detailed.

Never let it be said that the media was not cheering for Downies and actually writing their stories for them.

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