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Thursday, January 25, 2007

"Little Chuckie" Schumer Speaks to People Who Don't Exist

Imagine if George Bush said that he spoke to people who were fictitious. That's right - we said "fictitious." Made up. Fake. Frauds.

In an interview, "Little Chuckie" Schumer, Downie and Industrial-sized moron from New York, brags about talking to people and getting their vote last November - but he admits that these people do not exist.

We Can Win the White House

Biking through New York's boroughs in 2005, I thought about some old friends, Joe and Eileen Bailey. Though they are imaginary, I frequently talk to them. To me, they represent the hardworking and often-ignored families who are not tuned in to special-interest newsletters or editorial pages, but want a little something more from their government and their leaders.

Questions abound from this story:

First, who the hell gives names to fictitious people?

Second, why is a sitting US Senator talking to people who are not there?

Third, why is "Little Chuckie" not in a straitjacket and institutionalized?

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