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Friday, January 26, 2007

John Kerry Threatens America...Again

In an piece of news all Americans should have cheered, John Kerry announced this week that he will not run for President in 2008, sparing this country of having this incredible ignoramus possibly becoming president.

However, Kerry threatens saying he could run in 2012.

God help us, please.

Kerry says he wants to focus on Iraq war

WASHINGTON -- Senator John F. Kerry said yesterday that he had "deep second-thoughts" before deciding to forgo a second run for president because his 2004 campaign -- in which he captured his party's nomination after starting far back in the polls -- showed that the unexpected can happen in politics and that a surprise twist or turn can make a candidate viable again.


Speaking with the Globe, Kerry said he still intends to use his influence in presidential politics. He said he wouldn't rule out a run five years from now or beyond. He noted that he considers himself "a very young man" at age 63; by 2012, he'll still be younger than Senator John McCain of Arizona, a GOP presidential contender who is 71.

Perhaps Senator Kerry can spend the next five years keeping his foot out of his mouth and, at the same time, having the bolts in his neck tightened.

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