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Sunday, December 10, 2006

William Jefferson, Thief, Gets Re-elected

When Republicans are crooks, the media likes to tell you how the party fosters a "culture of corruption" in Washington. It sounds so good, so clear - so important to getting a Downie majority in Congress.

When Downies are crooked, it is either an unfounded allegation, or is because of right-wing conspiracies. And Nancy Pelosi (D-Nutbag) is no where to be found when her own party's members are caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

Example: Rep. William Jefferson, who ranks as one of the worst criminal offenders in DC. Running for re-election, even the liberal media wrote him off.

Not his constituents. They remain stupid, as they actually re-elected him. Overwhelmingly.

Jefferson swarms back to win re-election

Confounding political pundits and a slew of rivals who had become confident of his defeat, U.S. Rep. William Jefferson, D-New Orleans, neatly sidestepped a roiling federal corruption probe to win re-election on Saturday to his ninth term in Congress.

Guilty pleas by aides and associates who admitted to bribing the congressman and the revelation in court documents that FBI agents had found $90,000 in marked bills stuffed into Jefferson's freezer had put the scent of blood in political waters.

A field of a dozen candidates began circling Jefferson in the primary. He
finished first, but with only 30 percent of the vote, inspiring conjecture that his performance amounted to repudiation of an incumbent and that he would surely lose the runoff against state Rep. Karen Carter, D-New Orleans.

Instead, Jefferson, 59, scored a dramatic upset by racking up huge pluralities in African African-dominated precincts in Orleans, and winning outright in Jefferson Parish, where Sheriff Harry Lee had spent his campaign.

If Jefferson was a Republican, and had been re-elected to a Republican majority, you can bet that reporters would ask the majority leader and his party what their reaction is. Can we all assume that the liberal media could care less what Nancy Pelosi thinks of this situation?

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