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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

NY Sun: Courts Side with Bush Administration on Wiretaps; Liberals Seeth With Rage

Despite having the NYT and other disgusting media expose the warrantless wiretaps which are keeping this nation safe from Islamic terrorists, and the outrage from liberals, the federal courts have held, 17-1, that the program is constitutional.

Take that, liberal fuckers.

Courts Side With NSA On Wiretaps

Defense lawyers who had hoped that the public disclosure a year ago of the National Security Agency's wiretapping program would yield information favorable to their clients are being rebuffed by the federal judiciary, which in a series of unusually consistent rulings has rejected efforts by terrorism suspects to access the records.

In at least 17 criminal cases, federal district judges nominated to the federal bench by presidents Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Clinton, and George W. Bush have ruled against requests to force the government to tell defendants, most accused of terrorism-related crimes, whether the NSA eavesdropped on them without a court warrant.

The rulings indicate that even as public support for the war in Iraq has eroded in polls and as the NSA program has come under criticism from congressional Democrats, and even some Republicans, federal judges may be a bulwark that the Bush administration can rely on to defer to at least some aspects of its wartime policies.

Notice that even Clinton judges have upheld the wiretaps.

The liberals in the media and everywhere else must seeth with burning hatred of George W. Bush defending this country.

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