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Monday, December 18, 2006

John Ford: Downie Crook

The Downies love to point to Republican corruption, yet they and the media have a problem mentioning when their own people are caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

Case in point: John Ford, Tennessee Downie and father of defeated US Senate candidate Harold Ford, is back in the hot seat again, indicted on charges of mixing business and pleasure while he sat in the Tennessee state Legislature.

Media reaction? None - because only Republican corruption matters...or didn't you know that?

New federal charges target John Ford faces over consulting deals

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Former state Sen. John Ford, already awaiting trial in the Tennessee Waltz public corruption case, has been indicted on new charges over consulting deals he had with state contractors while he was in the Legislature, federal prosecutors announced Monday.

Ford is accused of taking more than $800,000 in consultant payments from two contractors with TennCare, the state's expanded Medicare program, while using his position as a state senator to promote those contractors' interests.

That includes helping a dental contractor, Doral Tennessee, win a bid to become the sole provider of managed care dental services for TennCare.

While being paid as a consultant Ford also served on three committees with authority over TennCare. He chaired the Senate General Welfare Committee and was a member of the TennCare Oversight Committee and the Senate Finance Committee.

Now, if Ford were a black Republican, Keith Dimbulbermann and the rest of the sickening leftwing MSM in America would be doing special reports about the "Republican culture of corruption." But with a "D" after his name comes silence.

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