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Saturday, December 02, 2006

An Indian Says of Muslims in India: "It is Not Our Fault"

Usually, most people are afraid to say what has to be said about Islam and Muslims and how they are slowly destroying the entire world. But one area where no one goes is how Muslims continue to operate in non-Muslims countries, never even trying to integrate, while at the same time carving out their own little communities (in these cases, ghettoes) and demanding their own laws and customs, living in poverty with many children, and crying "discrimination" at the same time.

From India, one man says to the Muslims in India who play this game: "It is not our fault."

Actually, we disagree. It is our fault that we have all allowed things to get to where they are today.


Retd. Justice Sachar Committee Report has highlighted the obvious-- that Muslims in India are at the lowest rung of economic well-being.

So, who’s responsible for the backward state of Muslims in India?

EDUCATION: If even the most illiterate and poor Indian believes that the govt schools are open for everyone and modern education can bring about change and prosperity to their lives, why Muslims still prefer to shy away from education or send their children to Madarsas, where all they learn is ‘majhabi’ education? In these Madarsas, no vocational training is given and those coming out of them are fit for becoming Islamic teachers only. Otherwise, many Muslim children are sent to earn money, unlike many of the SC/ST, for whom education provides the easiest way to get out of poverty. Low educational levels translate into less employment opportunities in mainstream jobs, ghettoisation and self-inflicted misery.

MISPLACED PRIORITIES: Do Muslims ever object to Haj subsidy and insist the govt to open schools and hospitals for them from this money? Has the Muslim society ever questioned the failure of the Muslim leadership to use the huge funds it receives from abroad to build modern schools and colleges for them, instead of mosques? For instance, the less than 3% Christian community has established such reputed educational institutions. The fact is that the Muslim leadership, both religious and political, is the enemy of the community they claim to represent because it is they who brainwash their followers to reject modern education.

EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE FOR MUSLIMS: When job opportunities –in govt, private sectors, Armed Forces and judiciary-- are equally available on the basis of merit only, how can anyone claim that there’s discrimination against Muslims? How come so many Muslim actors of the Mumbai film industry have been able to conquer the Indian audience if there is discrimination against them? Why is it that music maestros like Ustad Bismillah Khan, Ustad Allauddin Khan, and Ustad Amjad Ali Khan are venerated by the Indian public? Many similar instances may be given in every field of endeavor - sports, cinema, media, music, fine arts, science, business, etc. The industry doesn’t care about how well the candidate knows the Koran, the hadiths and other Islamic things. If the Muslims bothered to study things other than religion, then they stand a much better chance of getting jobs. And, if they’re educated, they stand a better chance of getting a loan from the banks for their business.

In point after point, the writer shows how Muslims have segregated themselves through their sick cult called a religion, their ridiculous customs, and their inability to live with others unless others adhere to their way of life.

This is not just happening in India - it is happening all over the world. And it is causing a showdown with millions of Muslims who wish to destroy the world rather than live in it.

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