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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Breaking News: "Federal Whistleblower" Stewart Webb to Sue Clintons, Bushes

If you read the leftwing websites long enough, you see not serious news pieces or opinion, but psychopathic messages designed to massage the leftist ego. A year ago, it was "Bush, Cheney Indicted!" Despite the fact that this never happened, the site that ran that shit,, still has the false story on their website.

So, checking back as to their newer hallucinations, we find that "federal whistleblower" (or just blower) Stewart Webb (who this is remains a state secret) is suing "Bush-Clinton shadow government partner Leonard Millman" under the RICO statute.

Who is "Leonard Millman"? Apparently, he is Stewart Webb's former father-in-law, who convinced his daughter that Webb was some sicko, and she ran with their daughter, whom a court took away from Webb.

So, we have a nut whose wife left him suing his father-in-law...and he includes President Bush and former President Bill Clinton in the suit. Which judge will laugh at this one?

Whistleblower launches legal fund for imminent suit against Bush-Clinton officials

Kansas City, MO—November 19, 2006—Long-time federal whistleblower Stewart Webb sounded like his time had finally arrived now that he is surrounded by a coterie of seasoned attorneys, active and retired federal agency witnesses and others unnamed to protect their safety who will help him take on what he called a corrupt and criminal administration whose key players were recruited from the Reagan-Bush 41 administrations.

The former home builder and realtor told that he will soon file suit in U.S. District Court against top-level Bush-Clinton shadow government partner Leonard Millman and several Justice Department officials linked to others more senior in government under the Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organization (RICO) and False Claims Act for obstruction of justice, violations of parental rights, forgery, perjury and slander, among other criminal acts.

Just before the 1992 election Webb’s elderly parents suffered through his illegal imprisonment for ten months by Bush 41 and Clinton administration officials seeking to insure that the whistleblower would be unable to expose what he knew and what other illegally incarcerated agents told him regarding a shadow government operation referred to collectively by political prisoners as “the Bush-Clinton crime family.”

With the help of agency witnesses and his legal team, Webb will also attempt to be reunited with his daughter who he has not seen in 22 years after she was taken from him by a corrupt judicial system—but not before he introduces proof and evidence into federal court via a legal complaint encompassing the fraudulent theft of trillions from the United States Treasury, blackmail of House and Senate members, murders, narcotics trafficking, a variety of financial frauds and obstruction of justice related to all of the foregoing.

So, this fruitpie alleges that Bush and Clinton jailed his parents? Who are his parents? Who cares!

We eagerly await an update to this (not) important story, and the results of this hilarious lawsuit.

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