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Thursday, November 23, 2006

John Kerry: Is He Stupid, Or Just Psychotic?

John Kerry (DuMass) says that he sees no reason why the recent kerfluffle over his joke-telling abilities and his desire to label our military forces as imbeciles is any hindrance to his ability to run for President in 2008.

Unfortunately for Kerry, he is the only one. You can stick a fork in Johnny, because he is done.

Kerry: Botched Joke Won't Affect 2008

Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry insisted on Sunday his "botched joke" about President Bush's Iraq policy would not undermine a possible White House campaign in 2008.
"Not in the least," Kerry, the Democratic presidential nominee in said when asked if the furor over his comment had caused him to reconsider a 2008 race. "The parlor game of who's up, who's down, today or tomorrow, if I listened to that stuff, I would never have won the nomination."

Isn't there anyone in Massachusetts who is ashamed that their two US Senators are a murderer who avoided prosecution and a war criminal who calls our military morons? Is that state so empty of politicians that they need these 2 representing them?

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