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Monday, November 13, 2006

How to be a Liberal Fruitcake: Demand Your Spouse Join in the "9/11 Truth" Movement or Divorce Them

We tried to come up with words for this, but we at a loss for some.

This post on a chat room is from August. It is still funny.

Some moron is upset that his wife has not watched "Loose Change," a film by 3 college imbeciles claiming that President Bush engineered 9/11. Using smilies (a lot of them, in fact), this doofus says that if his wife continues to resist watching this piece of crap, he will ask for a divorce.

Insanity must make life very lonely for liberals.

It's hard for me to believe, but after all this time my wife has still not watched Loose Change. I think the among those of us not present in this world in 1941, 9/11 event was the defining moment of of portion of history. I'm obviously not apathetic, otherwise I would be here, but my approach usually is "Look, here's what I think, here's where to find the info, check it out if you're interested." Sometimes I add "If you're not interested in 9/11, what ARE you interested in?" I mean really, one does not have to make history and politics the centerpiece of his/her own life, but one would think it should matter to some degree. After all, history is essentially the story of our world, and we are a part of that greater collective. Certainly we need not be, and certainly there is some good argument to the notion that any individual would be better off without the mad affairs of the collective, but on the other hand don't we have some sort of collective responsibility for the greater good? And if so, if there is any moment that our participation matters, wouldn't 9/11 be the moment?

With that all said, I wondering if I shouldn't just go ahead and say to my wife "Okay look, you're either going to watch Loose Change or I file for divorce." What do you think? I mean hell, I don't push my opinions on people, but I would think I could at least get my own damn wife to watch the show, eh?

I'm not much the preacher , more the help desk info type person . Frankly I kinda think most people in the world are just sheep anyways so why bother? I mean you can preach to a sheep all you want, but if you get any response at all it will always just be baa.

Anyways on a happier note, I did watch V for Vendetta last night . Really fun, nice little tidbits sneaked in there. My wife watched it too, so a minor victory anyways.

Now there is wisdom: "I mean you can preach to a sheep all you want, but if you get any response at all it will always just be baa." Maybe if he divorces his wife, he can find some sheep to bed down with.

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