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Saturday, November 11, 2006

How About a Word from Another Scumbag Liberal?

This letter was sent to National Review Online (NRO) in September, but we found it again going through some old links, and we felt it should be posted for all to see: it is the true face of liberalism in America today...racist, anti-Semitic, with a burning hatred of this country.

Not A Parody

Hi Jona

I would like to introduce myself,I live in Jacksonville Fla,your article was in todays paper about the so called conspiracy nut cases.Quite interesting but it was just the usual disinformation put out by the eleit who run the world,you know the ones you work for.I am a 63 yr old VietNam vet,high school education only that makes me one the stupid one s of your hit piece,right?Wrong Pal,I dont know which anti america fascist group you work for,CFR,Bilderbergers,Zionist Mossad,ADL, the list is very long.

All I know is the pressure in on you traitors,cause the fascist/Zionist press is attacking the 911 truth movement every day on the Zionist(Redstone)tv and press,and Hollywood all Zionist owned and controled.I am a Patroit american,Christian,which really scares you,not one of the phoney tv preachers like fat boy Hagee,or Robertson a 33 degree mason,all bent on spelling out disinformantion about how the christians should bow down and worship you Zionist jews as the choosen race,I mean your the most rascist bunch of bastards in the world.

Lets see you want to exterminate the Arab world,like the Nazies tryed to do to your race,right.You back the Bush nazi crime family,this is in the govt records,Prescott Bush,jr Bush grand dad,finianced Hitler in the 1930s to end of WW2,along with his partner Wall St banker Harriaman(jew).Gee thats funny a jew paying to kill jews,boy you love money,its your god,not mine.

They sleeping american masses are starting to wake up to the eleit New World Order/Illuminati/Zionist bull s**t.Yes you think we dumb ass americans are all Joe six packs,sex and movies and sprots nuts,your wrong again boy.Thru the blood of these wakeing up americans by the millions,you know the ones who past generations made the greatest country (Christian Republic) in the world,till you Zionist bankers ,oh am I picking on the jews,lets see.No I am not,Jesus Christ warned us to be carefull of the jews who call thereselves jews but are not,you being a jew can understand that from a dumb ass High School grad.I got education as a 21 yr drafted by the Democrate party(Communist Party),you see I am not a demorate lefty,I am a regerestied Rep,but did not vote for Bush/Chenny of Cabal/and PNAC jewish plan for world control.I spent my first 90 days in Vietnam in the rain with the bugs and without a bath,it was fun,you see I got a education.That war which was a lie,No Gulf of Tonkin attack,your other Rockefellers jew pimp ,so called Dr Kissinger,mass murder of millions in far east for oil, and drugs of the cia,hell these are not even the big boys,right.How about the most rich and powerfule family in the world.Thats right boy,those famous Rothschilds of London and EU.These roaches dont like the light shinned on them,do they??I as a Consitution American and Christian am going to expose you f***ers to the death,and thanks to Alex Jones and hundereds of others,even young kids who made the movie Loose Change exposing the lies of 911 coverup,are smarter than you,gee they got 10 million hits on the web last week,how maney did your disinformation fascis/zionist/commi hit peace get??I know you got one,here I am son,with your little college prep glasses and your little chin wiskers dont make you a man,boy.But running around in Vietnam at 21,with a locked and loaded M16,or in Iraq does.In parting why aint you in Isreal young man fighting those evil Lebonise,you know Danny Thomas s realtives,you remember him of tv fame right? I could go on and on with my conspiracy theories,but I think you get my drift,by the way I am still a crack shot and am totally prepared for Bush s Marshall Law,after they do another CIA/MI6?Mossad attack on American,we by the millions know you did it and we will know when you try it again.Hell I cant wait till the f***ing shooting starts jew boy. Brian Terry,I fear you traitors,I got the Love of Jesus on my side,you a***holes already lost.How about them apples from just a poor old retired dumbass realman Vet.

Remember, folks: if you vote Downie, this is what you get.

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