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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Add Another Group to Those That the BBC Hates: The Elderly

The BBC, the anti-American and anti-Semitic broadcasting network whose own members have recently admitted that the company, which robs billions of pounds from British taxpayers, is run by homosexuals and those who hate capitalism and Christianity, apparently does not just hate Americans, Jews, Israelis, and President Bush.

It also hates the elderly. And doesn't give one thin shit what older people have to say.

BBC radio phone-in silences the elderly

The BBC was accused of ageism yesterday after a leaked memo revealed that phone-in presenters on a local radio station have been barred from allowing callers who sound old on air.

Mia Costello, managing editor of BBC Radio Solent, told her broadcasters: "I don't want to hear really elderly voices."

She instructed presenters to appeal to an imaginary couple she called "Dave and Sue", who would typically be aged between 45 and 64. "Only do caller round-ups about people in this age range," she said.

Her memo was leaked after she axed several of her older broadcasters, including the BBC's disability affairs correspondent Peter White, who had a Saturday breakfast show on the station until last week. Other presenters to go included Pippa Greenwood, the gardening expert.

Mr White, 59, one of the corporation's most experienced broadcasters, condemned the policy. He started his BBC career on Radio Solent, which broadcasts to a large area of central southern England, from studios in Southampton in 1971.

Like other BBC local radio stations, many of Solent's regular listeners are aged in their sixties and above.

Mr White, who is a presenter on the Radio 4 You and Yours programme as well as a commentator on disability matters for BBC television and radio, described the memo as "condescending and contemptuous of older listeners who are as entitled to contribute to programmes as any other age group."

He questioned whether it was in the remit of the BBC, as a publicly funded broadcaster, to "disenfranchise a section of listeners who contribute to that funding as licence payers".

"I am disgusted by this," he said. "It is ageism, and one wonders who is leaning on the managing editor from a more senior level for her to write such a memo."

In it, Ms Costello said "only talk about things that are positive and appealing to people in the 45 to 64 age group". She said listeners were deserting Radio Solent for "more upbeat sounding stations".

How the British government continues to demand with a straight face that British taxpayers must pay for this leftwing Marxist and biased crap is beyond me.

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