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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Looney Tooney: We Should Have a "9/11 Truth" Party

If you follow the "9/11 Truth Movement," here is a summation of their stand:

9/11 was an inside job. Or it wasn't. Those planes we saw hit the WTC towers? No planes were involved. Bush blew up the towers with explosives. The planes with the victims on board landed in Cleveland, and NASA is holding them hostage these past 5 years. A missile hit the Pentagon. Dick Cheney ordered Flight 93 to be shot down, even though there was no Flight 93 to be shot down.

Get it? Whackjobbery at its finest.

Now, these assorted nuts and fruits believe that they have done so much to convince people of the truth of their statements that - get this one - they think that they should start their own political movement.

Read this and laugh. Or cry.

The 9/11 Truth Political Party

I think everyone can agree that the campaign to get the information out there to the people has been a resounding success thus far, the results to every poll are a testament to that.

Is it time to take the next step and start wielding some of the power this movement has accumulated? It is often said that senior citizens wield a considerable amount of political might in the United States. For the most part this is because they have numbers and they get out and vote, reliably and consistantly. While I think their power has somewhat decreased in recent years, there can be no doubt that political candidates make concessions to this power, and even at times go out of their way to mollify them, if for no other reason than through the fear that this voting bloc may come out in strength against them. I feel that the Truth Movement could rival this power and most likely excede it.

We certainly have the numbers on our side. Just look at any of the many online polls and you see the numbers... remember the Charlie Sheen poll? How about the 0wnage of the United 93 forums? Hell, check some net traffic reports or data on search terms, 9/11 Truth sites are some of the busiest out there. That's some serious numbers.

Of course, when one nut believes he speaks for thousands, you get a more hilarious post:

As important as the numbers is the motivation. I think this speaks for itself. Seriously, untold thousands of people burning and a distrubting tens of thousands of videos, spreading the word, protesting. Has any movement in history spread so far so fast?

VD spreads as fast, and we try hard to conquer that, too. This "movement" is worse than VD.

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