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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Javier Solana: European Moron

2 years ago, when the issue of Iran's continued move to build a nuclear weapon came to become a world crisis, the Europeans begged President Bush not to solve the issue militarily, but to hand it to them so that they could "talk" to Iran, make them see the goodness in diplomacy over attack, and get an agreement to stop uranium enrichment. In that time, the Peons, led by Europeon Union policy chief Javier Solana, have talked and talked and talked until they are blue in the face. What does Iran say after 2 years? No stop to uranium enrichment. What does the West have to show for 2 years of "diplomacy"? Iran is now 2 years closer to a nuclear weapon, endangering the whole world.

Iran signals refusal of nuclear freeze: EU diplomat

Iran has indicated to European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana it will not freeze its most sensitive nuclear work and major powers will consult later this week on sanctions, a European diplomat said yesterday.

Solana has been trying to coax Iran into halting uranium enrichment, which Teheran says will only generate electricity but which the West suspects is aimed at developing an atomic bomb, to avert possible UN sanctions.

"It's clear that's the situation. They cannot accept suspension," a European diplomat familiar with Solana's talks with chief Iranian negotiator Ali Larijani said.

The diplomat said foreign ministers of the major powers were likely to meet in London on Friday or Saturday to assess the outcome after four months of talks and decide on seeking gradual sanctions, targeted on Iran's nuclear program.

Javier Solana is plainly an imbecile. The voices in the US and abroad should grow that he needs to resign his post, immediately.

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