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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Tony Blair Fucks Up: How to Meet With Terrorists and Call it a "Peace Conference"

For any longtime Joobo reader, Tony Blair's standing by America, despite the political costs (especially for asshole English leftists who hate America), has been one reason why we have resisted calling his domestic program one of the worst in the civilized world. But what Tony Blair did today is really the end. He met with "the Muslim community" - in other words, the same scum which calls daily for the destruction of the West and the installation of an Islamic state with Shari'a law so that Muslims can control the world. This comes less than two weeks after these same Muslim scum helped to kill 50+ Britons on trains and a bus through their favorite pastime, blowing themselves up with bomb belts in crowded areas.

Taskforce to fight terror

The prime minister was speaking in the wake of a meeting with 25 senior Muslim leaders at Downing Street to discuss how best to respond to the July 7th attacks.

It had been a "very heartening meeting" which showed a "remarkable degree of unity" between the different representatives, Mr Blair said.

He said there was a "strong desire" from those who met to set up a taskforce to speak to young Muslims in the UK and defeat extremism.

While stressing that the vast majority of British Muslims condemned the violence in London, Mr Blair has said that the community must speak out against extremism. Today's meeting, he said, was intended to mobilise the moderate voice of Islam to fight extremism.

Conservative leader Michael Howard, who also attended the meeting along with Lib Dem leader Charles Kennedy, added: "One thing that came out most was the responsibility of the Muslim community for reaching out to those who have been the targets of the merchants of evil and hatred."

How about a listing of those "25 senior Muslim leaders"? I bet a check of them against radical speeches would show that most, if not all, were closer to bin Laden's way of thinking than Blair's.

However, Blair found a "remarkable degree of unity." Oh, yeah. Unity behind making sure we bow before that fat fucker Mohammed and his sick cultist followers.

Tony Blair and George W. Bush need to understand something: we are in a war against Islam. Whether or not they believe that or are too afraid to say it, that is how it is. And until the civilized world understands that until it crushes Islam under its boot, the same way it crushed Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan in the Second World War, the world will continue to hover in the shadow of mortal danger. It is only a matter of time before these Muslim psychopaths get their hands on a nuclear weapon - and then perhaps when 10 million die on one day will the message become clear as to what needs to be done.

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