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Friday, July 22, 2005

Downies in Philly Lure Their Voters to the Polls...With Free Cheese

You've got it right...while most political parties with any pride whatsoever usually use their candidates to get voters to the polls, Downies in Philadelphia use the lure of free cheese to get their voters to vote - and now people are asking for an "incheestigation" into, er, CheeseGate:

A Cheesy Way To Lure Voters

In Philadelphia they're calling it "The Cheese Caper." A Deputy City Commissioner asked the District Attorney's office to investigate who passed out flyers on primary election day -- May 17 -- promising free cheese to voters for particular candidates. The flyers are topped by a handwritten scrawl, "Come Out + Vote," adding below, "For Who Ever." In type, they say "Free Cheese." The flyers list two candidates, both Democrats, running in an area dominated by the 300-plus-unit Hill Creek housing project. "This guy comes to the polls, votes, and asks us for his free cheese," says Eileen Kleindienst, a Republican judge of elections. Geraldine Hacker, the Republican official who sent Kleindienst's complaint to the DA, thought the food might be from a government nutrition program.

The woman who wrote the flyers, Hill Creek tenant council President Gerri Robinson, doesn't think she did anything wrong. "The people around here, you can't get them to come out and do nothing unless you're giving them something," she says. Besides, she adds, the flyers worked: The two cases of cottage cheese were gone by day's end.

The Downies are such a worthless gang of thugs that they need cheese to get people to vote for them. Next perhaps they can offer increased welfare payments, which is what most of their voters live on.

Either way, isn't this kind of shit illegal?

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