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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Muslims in England Protest the Arrest of Terrorists

Muslims in the UK have been allowed to get away with conspiring to destroy the country and every other crime they can come up with - and the government run by Tony Blair has seen fit to allow it to happen, while kissing the asses of every slimy smelly Muslim in the country. Want a burqa? The Muslims demand it, and the government will allow it! No more pictures of pigs - Muslims will be outraged! There should be banks for Muslims only! And, in the meantime, the Muslims can continue to plot terrorist attacks on English soil! Yeah - that's the ticket!

So, when the government in England finally got off their duffs and arrested six Muslim assholes plotting terror attacks, the other Muslims fanatics not arrested decided to protest.

Fuck these subhumans. Every single one of them.

Muslim group in London protests detention of suspects accused of inciting terrorism

Chanting "Hands off Muslims!" and "UK — You will pay!" demonstrators converged on a high-security prison in central London on Friday to protest the detention of six men in anti-terror raids earlier this week.

About 100 Muslim men and women, some with scarves obscuring their faces, others waving placards and flags, walked from Regent's Park Mosque to Paddington Green Police Station, where they believe outspoken Islamic militant Abu Izzadeen is being held with five others arrested Tuesday.

Speakers took turns haranguing the crowd through a loudspeaker as a police photographer circled them, taking pictures.

The protest began shortly after midday prayers at Regent's Park Mosque, where Anjem Choudary, the former leader of the outlawed militant group al-Ghurabaa, addressed the crowd, demanding that they join him in protesting the detention of Izzadeen — a former spokesman for his group.

"You are living under oppression, the government is terrorizing the Muslim community," he told worshippers. "It's about time you stand together."

The British people should demand that these disgusting pieces of excrement be deported from their country back to the caves from whence they came. But they won't. They will endure their plotting, their smell, their incessant whining, until they finally set off a nuclear device somewhere in England. And then it will be too late to do anything about these slimeballs.

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