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Monday, January 01, 2007

The BBC Sides With Islamic Fruitcakes in Somalia

We have talked here about the psychotic Muslims known as the Union of Islamic Courts in Somalia - they cut off heads, hurt people, attack for watching films, and shoot people for not praying five times a day.

The UN-backed secular government, supported by Ethiopian troops, invaded the country and the Muslims ran for their hairy smelly lives. A good thing, right?

Not to the loons at the BBC. You see, they are in mourning over such wonderful people being thrown out of power.

Somalia's sudden shift in power

Here is the current situation: reports from Somalia suggest that government forces, backed by Ethiopian troops, have captured the Islamists' last stronghold of Kismayo.

The worst case scenario for the future is that the situation could end up mirroring Afghanistan or Iraq.

Islamist leaders say they have retreated for tactical reasons, and because they wanted to avoid further bloodshed.

The worst case scenario for the future is that the situation could end up mirroring Afghanistan or Iraq: a quick defeat followed by protracted fighting from insurgents.

Diplomats in Addis Ababa believe this is a real possibility.

They say what happens next will depend on what the transitional government does.

The Union of Islamic Courts stoked these concerns yesterday by warning they will start an insurgency.

The head of the Islamic movement in the Kismayo region said, "Even if we are defeated we will start an insurgency.

"We will kill every Somali that supports the government and Ethiopians."

Before the Union of Islamic Courts took charge there was a power vacuum in Somalia.

Oh darn, shucks, shoot. Getting rid of mass murderers and killers and Islamic fruitcakes "could lead" to another Afghanistan and/or Iraq.

Spooky language from the asshats at the BBC! Who gives a shit about what they say, anyway? They crave Islamic nutburgers running things!

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