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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Newsweak: Stick a Fork in John Kerry, Cause He is DONE

When a liberal mouthpiece like Newsweak magazine (and a piece written by leftist slave Eleanor Clift) says that John Kerry is finished, he is a corpse. Of course, John Kerry WAS a corpse before he ever ran for President, but since he decided to become a comedian and tell dumb jokes that slandered our military, he is definitely dead in the water.

Check out this story - it doesn't get any better than this:

Botched: Assessing the damage done to Democrats—and his own chances in ’08—by John Kerry’s epically flubbed joke.

Chuck Schumer got right to the point. On Thursday afternoon, the New York Senator, who’s leading the Democrats’ efforts to win back the Senate, called John Kerry and let him have it. The Massachussetts Senator’s supposed “botched joke” about the president's handling of Iraq had become a feast for Republicans—sucking up tons of airtime and knocking Democrats off message in the crucial remaining days before the midterm election. Kerry’s attempts to fight back, by calling the Republicans “stuffed suits” and “right wing nutjobs,” was only prolonging the story and making things worse. Apologize now, Schumer told him, according to a high-ranking party official who didn’t want to be named talking about a private conversation.

Now, check this out:

Banished to the political wilderness after losing to Bush, Kerry has been plotting his second run at the White House. Though always well behind Hillary Clinton in national polls, he was at least in the running on paper, consistently neck-and-neck with Al Gore and John Edwards. He did all the right things. He showered money on hundreds of Democratic candidates around the country and visited New Hampshire more than any other Democratic contender. He gave sharply worded speeches. As the keynote speaker at the New Hampshire Democratic Party’s big fundraiser several weeks ago, the Jefferson-Jackson dinner, he’d brought them to their feet by calling Bush a liar. He still had the loyal support of a close-knit group of Massachussets political operatives. But among big name strategists, pollsters and fundraisers, a second Kerry campaign was not taken very seriously.

Now, he faces even longer odds. For the moment, at least, Kerry is simply radioactive among Democrats. Publicly, some activists were still sticking by him. Mark Gorenberg, his former finance chair for California, told NEWSWEEK he would definitely be with Kerry if he ran in ‘08. The influential Daily Kos blog tried to make the best of the gaffe with a post saying, “I haven’t been shy to pile on Kerry when warranted, but what a load of bulls--- this is. And showing that he has learned from his Swiftboating days, Kerry hit back hard.” But not everyone was feeling so generous. On the ground in New Hampshire, some activists who’d been open to him pre-blunder, were now shutting their doors and turning out the lights. “It’s not that this gaffe was so bad,” says Ann McLane Kuster, a prominent New Hampshire activist, “But it plays into all the traits he has that are out of touch, like using intelligence as a way to distinguish himself rather than compassion. The underlying joke wasn’t funny.”

As stated above, Kerry is finished. He can spend the rest of his political life in the US Senate making a complete fool of himself, and not voting for things before he votes for them.

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