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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Are Downies Breaking Campaign Laws in North Carolina?

It sure seems so - and now an investigation has been opened up.

It couldn't happen to scummier assholes.

State to Probe Whether Dems, Judicial Group Colluded

(11/03/06 -- RALEIGH) - The state Board of Elections says it will investigate a self-described nonpartisan organization financed largely by Democrats.

Board members want to know if the group coordinated with the party in deciding which candidates to support.

But the board declined to give the candidates more money through the state's public campaign financing system to help them pay for their own ads and mailings and offset the influence of

FairJudges began airing an ad Thursday that highlights four Supreme Court candidates. Three of those candidates are backed by the Democratic Party. The fourth is Republican-backed Mark Martin, who's running against Democrat Rachel Lea Hunter. She's been criticized for remarks that both parties deemed racist.

The Republican Party, some candidates it supports and independent election groups say FairJudge is cheating the public financing system, which is designed to eliminate outside influences from judicial races.

Incredible. Simply incredible.

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